What is CAPRI?

CAPRI brings together all stakeholders in the highway construction and maintenance industry working to improve asphalt pavement cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and safety. We are a consortium of all stakeholders including DOTs and other organizations that are improving asphalt pavements by addressing knowledge and research gaps in the industry.

CAPRI operates as a consortium of flexible pavement stakeholders open to all state, local, and federal highway agencies, industry associations, companies, academic institutions, and research organizations. Each participating entity may appoint one voting representative to CAPRI. NCAT manages administrative duties.

How can CAPRI help you?

CAPRI can help familiarize you with new technologies that are ready to implement, and that can improve your asphalt pavements in sustainability, durability, and economy. CAPRI also allows you to be a part of the conversations that shape future research in the asphalt pavement industry.

How to join CAPRI?

All member organizations contribute to funding CAPRI. Highway agencies contribute through the Transportation Pooled Fund Program. All other organizations join CAPRI through an agreement through Auburn University. Click here to learn how to join.


Critical Issues

Identify aspects of asphalt pavement performance and sustainability that need to be improved.

Technology Evaluation

Identify technologies that can improve asphalt pavement performance and sustainability, evaluate the readiness level of those technology levels, and recommend strategies to move those technologies toward implementation.

Technology Transfer

Identify technologies and best practices that are ready for implementation and recommend strategies to move those into practice.

Research Roadmap

Assemble recommendations of research and technology transfer needs from other CAPRI subcommittees and other sources.